Author: M. I. Jean

Publisher: ZapVizional, LLC

Message to my readers: Have you ever picked up a book and was unable to put it down? The pages kept sliding through your fingers as you flipped from one page to another determined to find out what happens next. Have you had to chase a character throughout his or her journey to see what will be his or her next move in the middle of an unexpected obstacle? For example, did someone see Ralf suck his human dinner dry of blood because he was unable to sustain his thirst? Or what about his maker, Kathalia, who lures Ralf into becoming an unwilling submissive childe for a combined pleasurable taste of power and ownership? It is about escaping into another planet filled with drama, mystery, magic, suspense, and passion.

As a reader, I hope you will be able to enjoy Zapphrae's story that I've shared with you from my complex and sometimes disturbing imagination. Perhaps, you will get lost into a scene with laughters, cries and even some shocks. Journey with the characters and don't hesitate to explore this alternate universe with me.

--M. I. Jean

Welcome to Zapphrae, a fascinating planet and the point of departure for a mystery transcending time and space through intricate and inspired leaps of imagination. Zapphrae: A Battle to Question is a highly engaging fresh book that brings to life a tale of intrigue rife with supernaturals, weathals, witches, warlocks, vampires, Nates, and humans co-existing in an alternate Universe filled with unexpected drama.